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Steps to the City of Thunder Bay We are your Gateway to Wilderness & Historical
Adventure in Thunder Bay & Northwestern Ontario

Visit the sites and attractions of Northern Ontario's vast unspoiled region. Taste the influences of culture and ethnic diversity so evident in the cuisine of the Thunder Bay area.




Welcome from Fort William Historical Park Thunder BayExperience the drama and joys of life as only theatre can unravel; Laughter, Love, Sorrow and Anger.

Learn about the history of these pioneer villages (Port Arthur & Fort William) and the importance of this transshipment point in connecting east and west. Thunder Bay Ontario truly comes alive as you experience stories of our colourfull past and politics.

Collect unique and artistic items from our many galleries and seasonal shows and enjoy the selections that a major regional centre like Thunder Bay can provide.

If you prefer Extreme Adventure check out the weekend action at Extreme Down Hill Mountain Biking in Thunder BayMount Mckay and other Mountain Biking sites around Thunder Bay Ontario for downhill and x-country mountain bike trails.

Trail maps are available at local bike shops along with good advice on where to start depending on your experience.

To start your Mountain Biking Adventure in Thunder Bay ask for information on The Cascades, Sibley Peninsula, or Mt Mckay.




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